The Family of William and Mary Fullerton

In September 1840, William FULLERTON, a 25-year-old agriculturist, and his wife Mary FULLERTON (nee DUNNE), a 27-year-old dairy maid,
arrived at Melbourne in the Port Phillip district of New South Wales, Australia (later Victoria) as bounty assisted immigrants on the ship ‘Himalaya’ .
Between 1840 and 1854, William and Mary had at least seven children:

  • Peter FULLERTON (1840-1924)
  • Michael FULLERTON (1842-1842)
  • James FULLERTON (1843-1889)
  • Bridget Elizabeth (Lizzie/Eliza) FULLERTON (1845-1923)
  • Hannah (Johanna) FULLERTON (c1848-1922)
  • Mary FULLERTON (c1851-1935)
  • Thomas FULLERTON (1854-1865)

Peter, James, Bridget, Hannah and Mary married and of those, all but Bridget left descendants.
Within the first two generations, surnames of descendants include FULLERTON, SMITH, McCORMICK, WATSON, HOLMBERG, TOBIN, GLEESON, FOX, BROWN, AUSTIN, COURT and WEBBER.
If later generations were included even more surnames could be added to this list. Hundreds of people living in Australia today are descendants of this couple.